LOVE CHROME’s features and patent technology

[Beautiful hair comb made by master craftsmanship] LOVE CHROME (LOVE CHROME®) is a hair comb that utilize “JP CHROME-TECH®”, and its surface is specially treated. We significantly reduce “surface friction” which was the problem of the past materials, to diffuse and reduce static electricity. The lightness you cannot imagine from the appearance is also the charm of this product. It reduces your everyday fatigue in the salon. We use innovative “Beautiful hair protect” technology that cannot be implement by boxwood or pig hair. Therefore the comb can maintain the luster and elasticity in your hair, and protect your natural shine in your hair.

1. Extremely smooth surface treatment and spherical tip

By using Japan’s industrial technology “JP CHROME-TECH®”, the smooth surface treatment minimize friction and reduce hair damage. Also, it fills up minute hollow so that it does not get dirty. The spherical tip commercialized by high technology, protects your skin from damage.

2. Ultralight

LOVE CHROME (LOVE CHROME®) is manufactured utilizing the latest technology from automobile industry, and the same technology is adopted for top class sports cars that aims for comfortable ride while driving 300km/h. The FETHERLIGTH technology made overwhelming lightweight and strength possible.

3. Spread static electricity

The special processing let the comb absorb and spread static electricity. It prevents your hair from getting poofy. Compare to unprocessed products, it reduces more than 70% of friction damage at most. (YMMV).