YC・Primarily Co. Ltd.
Environmental preservation has always been at the forefront of LOVE CHROME’s manufacturing facilities. Since our establishment in 1963.
We became the 6th term registered company for “SDGs promotion company registration system”, which was founded by Nagano prefecture in November,2020. Therefore, we are actively challenging towards achieving “The 17 goals” in SDGs.

Discharging Water and Recycling of Resources

Established a recycling center to discharge water up to 40t/h

In LOVE CHROME’s factories, we recycle industrial wastewater up to 40t/h, and collect resources separating in 7 lines depending on the raw materials and circulate as recycled metal resources. In addition, by placing underground tank for leakage in case of emergency, we can keep the environmental load at a minimum when natural disaster occurs

Perfect water recycling by wastewater recycling equipment

Closed system by large wastewater recycling equipment

In our factories, we maximize the use-life of raw material solution, and reduce wastewaters as much as possible, by using a vacuum condensing equipment. We are aiming for perfect closed system by further developing the in-process recycling and closed system by large wastewater recycle equipment.

Plastic recycles and metal resource recall within company

LOVE CHROME use rare metal such as pure gold and ABS plastics. We detach and recall the plastic parts and metal parts by our original way, and work on recycling metal and resin as precious resources.