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Change your “everyday combing” to a hair care. You can get shiny silky hair with collectability just by combing your hair.

It is light and compact, so it is also convenient to carry around when you go out.
The traditional shape is distinctive, and it also have a “distribute blade” that make it easy for you to part your hair in the side. It is also popular for getting your bangs done.
B3 series is a model for professionals that heat resistance and durability has been improved by using special coating that includes mineral and thickened coat

Recommended for
People who wants to have a shiny hair by using a professional comb
people who wants to use it when you are not home too

▫ Recommended when
getting your hair done before you go out or meet someone
adding volume to your hair or getting your bangs done.
styling your hair or fixing your bedhead in the morning.
combing your hair after bath or shower.

▫ Specification/Size
・Size: 100 x 46 x 9 mm
・Weight: About 36.0g
・Material: ABS resin (worked by JP CHROME-TECH®)
・Made in japan

▫ How to take care
Wash it with neutral detergent dissolved in lukewarm water and dry it in the shade after wiping the moisture off it.
Do not use hard brush to clean it.

□About international order/shipping:Our products do not have direct international shipping service. We will ship our products international through “Tenso.com”. Please register from the URL below. https://www.tenso.com/
□About Shipping:It will be delivered by YAMATO TRANSPORT.
Please choose from “NEKOPOSU” (Free shipping, will land in mailbox) or “TA-Q-BIN” (660 yen for shipping, scheduled delivery is possible).
If you order before 10 a.m. on our business day, your order can be shipped out on the same day.
□ About order change/cancellation:You can cancel your order from your purchase history (in your account page) if it is within 30 minutes after your order.
You cannot cancel your order after 30 minutes.
There is a possibility that we might not be able to meet your request depending on the delivery status. We kindly ask for your understanding.
We do not have Gift-wrapping / shopping bag combine shipping / engraving services on our website.


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